Italvibras at GIFA, 5 days dedicated to foundry, metallurgy and heat treatment technology

Italvibras at GIFA, 5 days dedicated to foundry, metallurgy and heat treatment technology

Italvibras at GIFA, 5 days dedicated to foundry, metallurgy and heat treatment technology

the fair

GIFA 2019

GIFA 2019 runs the pleasant risk of becoming an unmissable event this year. Indeed, almost 2000 exhibitors are expected to take part in Düsseldorf in an international appointment dedicated to the foundry sector. 2019 will be the 14th edition of GIFA.

where and wo


The 2019 GIFA takes place from 25 to 29 June at the Messe Düsseldorf (the fair area of the German city). The most practical way to get there is by air: the international airport of Düsseldorf is the third most important in Germany and has lots of connecting flights to Italy daily. Getting to the fair is even easier: being only 3 kilometres from the airport, it only takes a few minutes by bus (number 896) or by taxi.

" Few fairs in the world cover the field of technology and foundry, metallurgy and heat treatment technology products in such a broad and transversal manner: that is why taking part in the event is a must (as well as a pleasure). Moreover, the sectors mentioned are all areas in which motovibrators and electric vibrators are essential. Therefore, it will be a new opportunityfor Italvibras to increase its business and strengthen relations in the sector "


things to see and to know

We return to Germany, a second home for Italvibras

As is well-known, Italvibras also has a branch in Germany, called Italvibras Deutschland GmbH. Its offices are in Langenfedl, which is just twenty kilometres from Düsseldorf. Therefore, being at GIFA 2019 feels a little like home for the Italian company.

one more thing


Düsseldorf is an important trade fair hub and is also home to a number of companies listed on the stock exchange. These two aspects make the city a crossroads for workers from all over the world, which in turn has a positive impact on the city’s culture and lifestyle.

Brauerei im Füchschen

Ratinger Strasse 28

The ideal place for those looking for a “typical German brewery”. In addition to the traditional beer mugs, Schweinshaxe is also recommended: it means roasted pork knuckle, which is a very popular dish in these parts.

Zum Schiffchen

Hafenstrasse 5

An establishment that specializes in in German and Rhine cuisine. The portions are very generous and finishing them off becomes something of a challenge.

Stage 47

Graf-Adolf-Strasse 47

This is not a hotel, but something of an “urban chic” boutique, featuring rooms dedicated to famous people immortalised in black and white prints found hanging on the walls. Coffee is available in the rooms, but forget about having to use a kettle: there are modern Nespresso machines for everyone.

Max Hotel Garni

Adersstrasse 65

The hotel is considered one of the best in the city, despite having a mere eleven rooms. The cost of a night includes drinks and a regional public transport card.


Stromstrasse 20

A tower measuring 240 metres in the south of the city. When the sky is clear, you can see an impressive panorama. There are also bars and a revolving restaurant so that you can see everything from different points of view.

Sankt Lambertuskirche


The Gothic tabernacle and aunique, twisted bell-tower are distinctive features of the Sankt Lambertus church. It also boasts a very evocative baroque altar.